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Toowoomba Company of Archers will recommence "Come Try Archery" sessions on Saturday the 1st of August. If you are interested please email the club at: toowoombacoarchers@gmail.com

Further infomation on Come Try Archery & Membership fees are on this website, and please feel free to come down to the club & see us, we shoot every Saturday morning and have plenty of friendly advice to give about Archery in general with experienced shooters in the club.


TCA Committee

Toowoomba Company of Archers



To all our members, visitors and potential future archers:

Following the advice from the Commonwealth Government, Archery Australia, Our RGB (SQAS) and the Toowoomba Regional Council we feel that is our civic responsibilty to close the TCA range during the COVID-19 crisis.  The club will reopen as soon as we are advised to do so by the relevant authorities.

For those who are able to continue practicing at home World Archery has set up a Beat the Outbreak Online Archery League the details for which can be found on the World Archery Facebook page.

The committee would like to thank our members and guests for their support over the past couple of years and look forward to seeing everyone back and shooting when this crisis is over.

Please keep yourselves and your family safe. 



The Management Committee

Toowoomba Company of Archers 



Archery is an activity dating back at least 20 thousand years.  The bow and arrow were once critical to human survival.

Today Archery is enjoyed by thousands of people all over the world. One of the reasons for its popularity is that there are many ways to enjoy archery, including bow hunting and numerous forms of target archery.  Archery can be enjoyed by men and women, children and older adults and people with disabilities.

Target archery has been popular since the days of King Henry VIII of England and is the most popular form of archery in the world today.  Compound, recurve and longbow archers can compete on the world stage in both indoor and outdoor events while recurve archers can aim for Olympic Gold.

The Toowoomba Company of Archers welcomes beginners of all ages to archery, with come and try archery lessons being held on the first Saturday of every month from February through to December.  Lessons are available to anyone from 10 to 90, all equipment is supplied and the lessons are conducted by Archery Australia accredited instructors.  See the Come and Try page for more details.   

For those who decide to join us the club operates the Archery Australia OZBOW program.  A step by step performance and reward based program intended for new members irrespective of age, gender or equipment. The program is intended to expose members to low level social competition and allow them to develop their skills before they join main stream archery activities.  Participation in the OZBOW program is highly recommended but is not mandatory.

The club operates from the outdoor target range at Charlton with plans to build an indoor facility when funds become available.  The outdoor range allows for distances from 10m for beginners to 90m and the club holds scored club rounds most Saturday's for TCA members AA club visitors.

Operating hours are Saturday's 08:30am till approximately 1:00pm.  Archers should arrive at least 15min prior to start times.

Enquiries should be directed to toowoombacoarchers@gmail.com